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The US Air Force has a lot of advantages in logistics, worldwide coverage, speed, missions and role types and this creates a creative insight into what is cool about being in the United States Air Force!

10. If I want Chinese Food, I will fly to China!

Air Force Ranks

9. When the G-Forces pull back your face, you look and feel years younger!


8. One weekend a year, you get to take your jet home with you.

USAF Blue Falcon

7. You’re looking at a guy with one million frequent flier miles.

Air Force K-9

6. At 20,000 feet you see lots of clouds that look more like bunnies and stuff!


5. Always fun watching the new guy try to parallel park a C-130 Hercules.

Para Rescue


USAF Pararescue is the first of the line of arcade style games for the United States Air Force beginning with the men and women of the air forces!  In Pararescue airman leap from their incredible CV-22 Osprey into the rice paddies of southeast Asia! Pararescue!

4. Seasickness is for losers — airsickness is the way to go!



Don’t get caught! Ever! In the modern day it might be an Osprey that grabs you and takes you to safety. Now for a great military Osprey Game try your hand!


3. Free headsets on transcontinental flights.

USAF Athletics


2. Whenever people ask where I’ve been, I can tell them “The Wild Blue Yonder“!

Military WoopAss


1. Chicks dig planes!

Peace Through Superior Firepower