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Well as you guessed it the less than talented Canadian President Trudeau can’t figure out how to get the Freedom Convoy going except the Convoy already has. The convoy is winning with every day they stand in defiance to vaccination requirements. Freedom Convoy takes flight over Canada means the word is out and as these miles and miles of 18 wheeler convoys remained at loggerheads with the Canadian authorities one thing is for certain: they are making their point and doing so peacefully.

Freedom Trucker Convoy Decal
Freedom Trucker Convoy Decal

Sadly the Canadian government and police aren’t taking this lightly and have suspended social media funding and have arrested folks for merely honking in support of these freedom loving truckers. What’s even worse is they are talking about freezing wages, taking gasoline off of trucks that don’t belong to the authorities and who know what more. Trudeau seems to be taking their audible from the Biden administration in the US and when it comes to borders and security that is quite easily the last place you want to go for help.

Freedom Convoy Decals and Shirts

Well it wouldn’t be an American thing to do to not root for the underdog and in this case we have a good shot with this hockey game played on the frozen highways of Canada played with the ultimate in game stopping goalies: 18 wheelers. The ultimate in show stopping mutli ton hauling truckers are in the penalty box with this one and the three blind mice, we will call that the police and Canadian government, are about to go into their own penalty box for a change. The Freedom Convoy is winning with more than a hat trick and these decals and shirts produced by the supporting business of Military Outfitters and the Freedom Convoy! The truckers may have stopped at the border but their message is rolling and hopefully heading for a few trucker stops throughout the United States.

Freedom Convoy Takes Flight Over Canada so show your support with these shirts and decals.