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There are few less choices in this day and age, post Covid that one can call a military shirt company. You have Military-Outfitters.Com, Grunststyle, Ranger up and maybe a couple of more that sprung up in more recent years. Chances are they are another skull shirt shop or similar approach to designs bordering on “I went on military deployment, retired from the military and opened my shirt shop” kind of place. Many of the guys we designed for over the years from Gunnery Sergeants to US Navy Chiefs, Army Sergeant First Classes and more later became our customers, we designed for while they were on deployment in OIF or OEF and have since come back and started their own Veteran Owned businesses. We salute you. Most have remained our great friends to this day.

Military Outfitters Custom Shirts

A Real Military Shirt Company

14 years of custom design and illustration for the United States military and all military branches from the US Army, US Marines, US Air Force, US Coast Guard and the US Navy (we didn’t go with any particular order here), serving line units in OIF, OEF, OIR and more. Custom designs for US military associations, MWR numbering in the thousands from the smallest requests involving only a dozen or so shirts to thousands with the NAVSEC and the Pentagon. We have served by offering custom art and design to most of the US Navy warships, boats and squadrons across the globe, Marine Security Detachments, FCPOAs, SCPOAs, JEAs and CPOAs to name a few more. Our shirts have gone up the flagpoles along with US flags on numerous FOBs in Afghanistan and been dried off on the armor of both HUMVEES and Abrams tanks. Seabees have worn them while constructing AC units and Jacuzzis in the middle of the Iraqi desert. Good one!


Starts with Art

The best and coolest military designs often start as a napkin sketch or maybe a link to a design or concept seen on Pinterest or the internet. We will never copy it but it’s always a great way to get an idea of what the unit or command is after. Been there and done it a thousand times.

Grim reapers, skulls, Poseidon, Tridents, Pirates, Goats, Crows, Voodoo Dolls, Three headed dogs, Hornets and more have become the stuff of legends when a military artist gets behind the wheel. From great concepts and collaboration comes even better military shirt designs. Go figure!

All Military Branches

Military Outfitters caters to all including A Schools and purple units across America and internationally from SERE school to even working with US Navy SEAL teams and BUDS. Diego Garcia to Guam, Okinawa to Guam, Point Loma to Kings Bay and more have witnessed the head turning military shirt designs we have created year after year. The best design is the next design!

Fire over your concepts and contact us at hq@military-outfitters.com and leave the zeros and design for the heroes.