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In the famous words of Nike: Just Do it! Well try anyway and when you do remember its all about the kids. Now having said that we can really dig deeper into the maelstrom of activity also known as Back to School!

Seemingly what has become a tradition of fighting to locate the endless list of back to school items from crayons to chalk, 3 ring hole punched paper to pens and the 12 pound glue sticks and endless lines at your local retail back to school store has transpired into a waltz of activity getting Little Johny ready for school.

Now let’s examine our back to school experience: Military Style! Take a journey with little Johny!

Little Johnny

US Army Airborne School, Fort Benning, GA

Here we see little Johny doing what he does best. Jumping out of perfectly good aircraft. The parachute provided by his Uncle Sam!

Navy SEALs Training – BUD/S 1st Phase + Hell Week

Johny decided to take a break from Airborne training and join his BUDS Class for a day at the beach!


Marine Recruits Arrive at MCRD

Johny then took a break and wound up in the principals office on the first day of school. Life is not good!

Eating A Military MRE…

Johny takes a break from his office visit to the pricipals office for a little lunch, MRE Style!

Ranger Assessment and Selection Program (RASP)

With a full belly and the intense sense of joy of back to school in his blood Johny ventures off into afternoon classes with the 75th Ranger Regiment!


USMC Cadence MCRD San Diego Marching

Johny get a chance to take a break from school and enter outdoor Gym Class. They even sing for him. What a joy!

US Army Basic Training – The Making of a Soldier (Night Ops)

Johny experiences the first Time Out of the school year when some red haired Hippie pulls the fire alarm. This doesn’t slow down Johny’s teachers from taking it outside for some additional classroom instruction!


With school back in full swing Johny is quickly learning the routines of school life and looks forward to the balance of the year. With all this training, schooling, book learning Johny’s class is thinking of heading for overseas student foreign exchange programs. This year the school is considering either Iraq or Afghanistan for their upcoming study abroad program!

Johny Hits The Student Store!

You cannot leave school without first grabbing your favorite chocolate bar or hoodie from the Student Store!