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What Are The World’s Top 25 Special Forces

Not necessarily in any particular order this list of different Special Forces from countries around the world What Are The World’s Top 25 Special Forces make you wet your bed when you see how they look!

The Quiet Professionals, ODA, Operation Detachment A Teams, US Navy Seals, Delta Forces, 160th SOAR, Air Force Special Operations Squadrons, SWCC, MARSOC and for those of you listening in from the dusty and sandy countries found throughout the world here is exactly what we are going to tell you about them! Nada!

Here are the Special Forces of the world!

1. Taiwan Special Forces (wearing bullet proof face masks) – A little scary and very effective!

2. Peruvian Army special forces – The two guys in the front, are they trying to say something?

3. Dutch Special Forces – Seem very focused!

4. Canadian counter terrorist group – In the arctic I wouldn’t mess with Canada!

5. Combat Swimmers (from Germany special forces) – Germany brings it when it comes to Special Forces!

6. Special Forces -Nothing else to say here!

7. Danish Special Forces (Huntsmen Corps) – Let the bed wetting begin!

8. SBS – The British have the knowledge and history of success. Special Boat Squadron!

9. French Special Forces – Check out that focus!

10. MARSOC – Conversation over!

11. German Army Special Forces – Equipped and ready!

12. US Navy SEAL – Nothing being added here.

13. Serbian Gendarmerie – The Serbs!

14. Norwegion MJK – Cold climate warfare.

15. French Commando Marine – Another special forces French presence.

16. US Army Special Forces Sniper – One Shot………..

17. Korean Special Forces – Already ready and prepared for North Korea!

18. Russian Special Forces – When you need to kill everyone in the room!

19. Canadian Joint Incident Response Unit (Biological, chemical, and nuclear warfare defense) – Quiet, little known and highly specialized.

20. Irish army rangers – Well trained and effective!

21. New Zealand Special Forces – No hobbits here!

22. Norwegian Navy Special Forces – Second listed Norwegian Spec Forces.

23. Iraqi special forces – Cause we trained them!

24. Norwegian Armed Forces’ Special Command – 3rd time is a charm!

25. French Special Forces – Little heard about France but they are there when needed.

 We know the world is filled with terrorism. ISIS is on the move and there are many countries with uncertain futures. When needed to bring justice, or remove a terrorist threat, the world turns to its Special Forces.
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