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The heavy tank, M103 Heavy Battle Tank USA Cold War Combatants Challenge Coin was designed celebrating during the Cold War spotlighting both the US and its Soviet T-10 tank counter part. As the growing hot war loomed in the distance between the United States and Eastern Bloc countries these mighty tanks were prepared to fight in Europe. That contest never occurred but the M-103 heavy tank was prepared to fight as the lengthy Cold War that continued.

Cold War
Cold War

A Heavy Tank

With a crew of 5 and sporting a 120mm main gun this formidable tank was prepared for war. Chrysler built and designed by the same former US automotive company the M-103 was designed to kill Soviet tanks at a great distance. In particular the M-103 was created to counter the Eastern Bloc made T-10 heavy tank.

Cold War Combatants Coin Series

Nothing can be more important than recognizing our Soldiers, Sailors and US Marines during their service to America during this very confrontational period. The Cold War Combatant Challenge coins were designed to recognize the machines of war our US cold War veterans served with, fought with and used when necessary in the defense of our country.

Because the Cold War pitted the United States against Soviet Russia the symbols of each country are
clearly identified in each masterfully created collectible coin offered. Dates of production and end of use are outlined in detail, the weapons of war is also highly detailed and displayed and the US flag or Russian flag is also seen depending on the weapon being featured.

The reverse side of the M-103 US heavy tank has the US Eagle, Soviet Russian Bear face to face like 2 prize fighters preparing to do battle, country flags, dates of the Cold War, a wreath to recognize America’s triumph over the Soviet
Union during the Cold War years and more.

M103 Heavy Battle Tank USA Cold War Combatants Challenge Coin
M103 Heavy Battle Tank USA Cold War Combatants Challenge Coin