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US Border Patrol Coins

As on of the largest of law enforcement agencies in the United States, the US Border Patrol, Established 1924, has been the force in defending America’s borders from illegal activities along its borders from human trafficking. drug and gun trafficking and illegal immigration. The US Border Patrol Coins were designed in honor of their hard work, dedication and preservation of America’s borders. These US Border Patrol Coins feature a look at the US Border patrol when they patrolled on horseback and illustrates in a vintage tradition their role in law enforcement.

When it comes to law enforcement coins for the Thin Blue Line, Sheriffs, State Troopers, CERT, motorcycle units or a coin designed specifically for a law enforcement office or special activity then turn to Vision Strike Wear. Some of the most detailed coins like these US Border Patrol Coins stand apart from other coins of this type because of the unique design and superior craftsmanship they express.

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