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Well as you may have guessed it what could be stranger than a headline such as Russia T-10 Heavy Tank Rolls into a Coin? Well for some that are all too familiar with challenge coins they know and understand that weapons such as main battle tanks can often be seen on the face of a coin whether from a historical significance or as part of a unit or command coin. With the Russian T-10 it is a more nostalgic look at the Cold War and the fighting machines o9f war that went head to head during this turbulent time.

The IS-10 became the T-10

Not much in terms of a name and certainly no nickname existed for the IS-10 (it was even called Object 730 at one point) which later would be relabeled the T-10. After Joseph Stalin’s death and during the political upheaval of the time it would be called the T-10 and that designation would hold until its final days.

The Russian finally quit the heavy tank market

As the Russian Army advanced on Berlin during the end of World War 2, it was quickly discovered that heavier armored tanks were lagging behind faster and more maneuverable tanks like the T-34 and slowed the advance of Russian tank columns. The T-10 was designed only as a tank to be used during the Cold War largely to counter the US heavy main battle tank, the M-103. The Soviets continued to produce heavy tanks for a few years as part of the Cold War arms race (compare the heavier U.S. M103 and British Conqueror), but the more flexible T-62 and T-64 tanks already had armor and armament comparable to the T-10’s.

Let’s make a T-10 tank coin

The Cold War Combatants challenge coin series hallmarks the legendary equipment of war including both US and Russian military assets like the T-10 heavy tank. Each coin prominently displays with historical accuracy the image of the tank, aircraft or other machine of war. The reverse side of each coin has the US Eagle and Russian Bear squaring off and in opposition to one another. This series of collectible coins should not be missed while they are available. Make one or all of the Cold War Combatants coins a part of your coin collection and start it off with the USSR T-10 tank a masterfully designed heavy battle tank.

T-10 Heavy Battle Tank Cold War Combatant Challenge Coin
T-10 Heavy Battle Tank Cold War Combatant Challenge Coin