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Here’s 5 Reasons No Nation Wants to Go to Fight with the U.S. Army. The U.S. Army can bring an unprecedented amount of firepower onto any battlefield in the world. When it comes to lethal weapons, the U.S. Army has no shortage. Some may be too expensive, some too complex and others may be desired by politicians and defense contractors, but not the troops on the field. With that in mind, here are five of the best U.S. Army weapons: 1. AH-64 Apache 2. M-1 Abrams 3. M-109A6 Paladin 4. TOW Anti-Tank Missiles 5. M-2 .50-Caliber Machine Gun

AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter

30mm cannon and Hellfire missiles make this attack helicopter incredibly deadly. With future confrontations fought on smaller but more decisive locales the air power brought to any engagement is incredibly important and why the Apache helicopter such a powerful weapon.

Speed, firepower and range of the Apache allows this sophisticated weapons platform to hit the enemy from long range before they come into range of US army ground troops. It foes after enemy armor columns and insurgents equally well. From Desert Storm to OIF the Apache has fought very well. Because the US Army employs the Apache attack helicopter it has direct branch support and does not require on the US Air force or other branches to provide cover and attack threats. The US Amy can rely on its own weapons and birds to get the job done.

M1A1 Abrams Tank

At 60 tons with a 120mm main gun, depleted Uranium armor and a top speed of up to 40mph and up to 3 feet thick in several places makes the M1A1 a true battlefield monster.


M-109A6 Paladin

A self-propelled howitzer of the United States Army the Paladin had taken a backseat in America’s smaller wars but firing a 155mm shell up to 20 miles makes it a very effective killer. It has the capability of firing a GPS guided round as well making its strike incredibly accurate.

1-37th Armored Regiment 2nd BCT 1st Armored Division Army Custom Shirt
1-37th Armored Regiment 2nd BCT 1st Armored Division Army Custom Shirt

TOW Anti-Tank Missile

Optically tracked, wire guided anti-tank TOW missiles designed to take out Russian armor columns was a threat during the Cold War and after. At 45 years plus in service the TOW has remained a reliable missile system. Firing bunker buster missiles as well as aerial exploding missiles the variety of engagements the TOW missile can perform well in makes it an effective weapon.

M-2 .50 Caliber Machine Gun

At 80 years old this machine gun is just as effective in today’s modern battlefield as it was then. It was first developed when President Franklin Roosevelt had just come to office and then saw service all over the world. As an anti-aircraft, anti-vehicle and anti-personnel weapon with the capability of a small cannon has with it night optics and quick change barrel and night flash suppressor makes it an even deadlier weapon for the US military.

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