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Having some of the best Custom USCG Shirts is important when it comes to your command and USCG unit pride. USCG commands, cutters and special activities have their Custom USCG Shirts designed by Vision-Strike-Wear because they are eager to get some of the most detailed, original and professional USCG artwork in the industry.

When contacting us to have a Custom USCG t-shirt created think in terms of the unique elements you want captured, the slogans and text and whether your Custom USCG t-shirts should have a black and white feel or full color.

If you are looking to have a design created for fundraising efforts and need a special custom shirt quote to meet your needs never hesitate to let us know. We work hand in hand with USCG commands all over the US and those commands serving overseas to help them produce the very best Custom USCG Shirts for fundraising needs and a successful return on your custom t-shirts.