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Freedom Trucker Convoy Ladies Shirt


Take your freedom back!

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The Freedom Trucker Convoy Ladies Shirt is all about vaccination mandates and Covid-19, defiance, and a little peaceful revolution which is a good thing when a government wants to take away our freedoms and rights as humans. Who the f are they to think that their efforts to “protect us all” govern over the decision each of us are instilled to have from birth. The Freedom Trucker Convoy Ladies Shirt is based on the actions taken by truckers in Canada and is now spreading to the entire world. It is a message to all of us to not allow our God-given rights to be taken away.

I think if Jimmy Hoffa were alive today he would be screaming in support of Canada’s Freedom Convoy because in his day not allowing large companies to limit the ability of a truck driver to earn an honest living and not be forced into becoming a slave was at its pinnacle at the time. Replace corporations with government and here we are again and now with the truck drivers leading the way and showing all of us how important it is to take a stand for basic human rights and not allow “big government” with its own agenda to take away what is each of ours to possess: freedom.

Hell, you would have to take a puck to the head not to understand the importance of this message. This is about all of us and if our Canadian brothers and sisters in the “Great White North” home to Bob and Doug Mckenzie (had to slip that in) have figured it out then the rest of us had better. God, you have got to love those freedom-loving, beer-drinking Canadians with their Molsons on ice to step up. The rest of us have no excuse if “Oh Canada” is doing this!

Freedom Trucker Convoy Ladies Shirt illustrates with an impacting Canadian 18 wheeler the importance of taking our human rights back from tyrannical governments. This Freedom Convoy Tracker shirt illustrates a message of unity, strength, and the conviction that we will not allow the government whether it’s Canadian or another to intrude and take away our basic human rights. The Canadian freedom truckers don’t need a mask nor a shot to do their job and they are letting the world know. Stand in solidarity with them and support them because it is all of our rights they are fighting to preserve.

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