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Molon Labe Come And Take Them 2A Patriotic Vintage Sign



This Molon Labe Come And Take Them 2A Patriotic Vintage Sign features the original design and artwork the US military comes to expect from military artists like Military-Outfitters.Com. At 12 x 15 inches, this finely USA printed military metal sign displays the artwork this command wanted to achieve with originality, color and detail. The Molon Labe Come And Take Them 2A Patriotic Vintage Sign was designed by US military veteran artists. A United States Armed Forces military metal sign with original art is perfect for your office, den or work space. Add custom text with your name, rank or other important information and make this military sign a one-of-a-kind item.

As a licensee of the United States military we offer a percentage of each sale in support of the morale, welfare and recreational activities of their offices and programs. As a proud owned and operated US Veteran company we extend our warmest thanks to you for supporting a small business in America and for allowing us the opportunity to design wonderful military shirts, decals and challenge coins for you. Producing custom and original military artwork has been at the center of what we do. Military-Outfitters.Com is working to become one of the largest locations for military artwork, design and printing to allow for a wide range of customization from the individual products we offer to the custom design and printing for our active duty military service members. We thank you.

As a lead military design firm for the United States military we are proud to work with military units and commands all over the world. With over 40 years of military design experience we would feel honored to work with you and develop a razor sharp image for you as well. Please contact us at hq@military-outfitters.com for more information.


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