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Alpha Troop 1-153 Cavalry Rough Riders US Army Decal


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Alpha Troop 1-153 Cavalry Rough Riders US Army Decal was designed for the Soldiers of the United States Army, Reservists, Army National Guard and retired veterans. Each of our designs were produced to capture the interests of a variety of US Army related interests from US Army Infantry divisions and branch to armor branch, Cavalry related designs like the 1st Cavalry Division, Army MOS decals,  Army Snipers and Vietnam Era decals to display your military veteran pride.

Alpha Troop 1-153 Cavalry Rough Riders US Army Decal Product Description

  • Constructed of USA made vinyl, printed with inks and laminated for a durable and long lasting experience.
  • Outdoor rated with permanent adhesive designed for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Sizes available from 3 to 18 inches wonderful for most applications.
  • Easy peel and release liner. Best when applied to smooth clean and dry surface.
  • Custom text options so you can update your US Army decal with things like name, ranks and MOS, command, dates and anniversaries, units, missions, slogans and military mottos and more.
  • Graphics can be updated for your US Army command and produced in bulk for military discounts. Please contact us through our custom US Army designs area for more information.

United States Army commands from Army commands like ones found at Fort Riley include 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment, 101st Brigade Support Battalion, 1st Infantry Division to 10th Mountain at Fort Drum, Artillery School at Fort Sill, and the numerous units and commands throughout OIF and OEF deployments have all enjoyed the high quality military decals and stickers of Military Outfitters. Here they receive both US Army decals with our original art and custom text options all that can be updated with their information. Every design we offer has the ability to have custom text added or with some minor updates can have the art changed to fit your United States Army command requirements.

Perhaps you prefer a custom US Army shirt for your USAR Command or FRG association? We have done over 1500 related association shirts whether for a FRG, MWR or similar military fundraising activity. For more information or wanting a quote please contact us at

Military Outfitters is licensed with the United States military trademark offices and supports their MWR programs with a percentage of every item sold. Their hard work and effort and the naval artwork we design protect the professional companies and artists and provide US Army Soldiers only the very best products and designs.


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