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Hades God Of The Underworld Greek God Ancient Coin


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Hades God Of The Underworld Greek God Ancient Coin is displayed holding his bone staff with ram’s head while holding back the chained three-headed dog Cerberus. The legendary stories of Mount Olympus and the pantheon of gods has been told for centuries and this Hades God Of The Underworld Greek God Ancient Coin depicts one of these legendary gods in challenge coin form. The Greeks certainly had their arsenal of gods many that we depict here like this Hades God Of The Underworld Greek God Ancient Coin that represents the god of the underworld. At 2 inches and packed with incredible detail this god coin of the Greeks displays one of the incredibly powerful Greek Gods. With 2 antique gold and silver accents and cut with a 3d look to show the amazing depth we are proud to offer this coin as part of our ancient coin collection from Military-Outfitters.Com. Check out more of our ancient god coins.

As on of the famous Greek mythological figures this coin displays the ancient detail of this famous Greek god. As a licensee of the United States military we offer a percentage of each sale in support of the morale, welfare and recreational activities of their offices and programs. As a proud owned and operated US Veteran company we extend our warmest thanks to you for supporting a small business in America and for allowing us the opportunity to design wonderful military shirts, decals and challenge coins for you. Producing custom and original military artwork has been at the center of what we do. Military-Outfitters.Com is working to become one of the largest locations for military artwork, design and printing to allow for a wide range of customization from the individual products we offer to the custom design and printing for our active duty military service members. We thank you.

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