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God Bless America Wooden Sword


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This God Bless America Wooden Sword is 100% crafted by hand in the USA. Designed to regale your home with a fine remembrance of your time in US Military service or other special event. Each of these wooden swords capture a beautiful design capturing unique elements that make this the perfect wooden sword for your home décor or displayed in your special place.

Why a wooden sword? They convey special details and information that are important to you, have historical references and look amazing with the character they provide when mounted on your desk or wall. This God Bless America Wooden Sword is just one example of the detailed wooden swords we offer. Each of our wooden swords are stained on maple wood blades, come with Mahogany Wood Pommels and Cross guards, and leather wrapped handles or paracord depending on the design.

Our wooden swords take a minimum of 1 weeks to produce. Measuring Length – 39″ Width – 9.25″ Depth – .75″ these are originally designed wooden swords with some of the finest artistry in the industry.

Please Note:

This wooden sword is a wall decoration only, and is not intended nor should it be used as a weapon or toy in any manner. Please do not let the children chase each other around the house with it.

This product is made of natural wood and leather materials, we work to select pieces that minimize variations in the wood such as color changes, knots or other imperfections but please understand that this is part of what makes these products unique.

Military custom engraved challenge coins also make an excellent gift for someone special in your life.





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