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Black Cat Halloween Covid Mask


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It doesn’t get any better when you get a a chance to wear the face of a of a Vampire, a mummy, a werewolf, zombie or in this case a Black Cat Halloween Covid Mask. These are so terrifying that they will have you engulfed in fighting off teams of brain eating Zombies, sucking the life out of your enemies soul, casting charms and hexes as an evil witch or devil and more! We have numerous Halloween masks that will scare the SHI# out of your neighbors and the kids in the hood. These are some of the most original designs in the non-medical mask industry and come printed in the USA for you. Be afraid. Be very afraid with this Black Cat Halloween Covid Mask! Halloween comes in many shapes and sizes and some more frightening than others. We have the ones that simply scare the crap out of you.

As a licensee of the United States military we offer a percentage of each sale in support of the morale, welfare and recreational activities of their offices and programs. As a proud owned and operated US Veteran company we extend our warmest thanks to you for supporting a small business in America and for allowing us the opportunity to design wonderful military shirts, decals and challenge coins for you. Producing custom and original military artwork has been at the center of what we do. Military-Outfitters.Com is working to become one of the largest locations for military artwork, design and printing to allow for a wide range of customization from the individual products we offer to the custom design and printing for our active duty military service members. We thank you.


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